Can DrayMaster interface with our system?

Can DrayMaster interface with our system?

Yes! DrayMaster’s extensive API (Application Programming Interface) library allows nearly unlimited flexibility for interface.
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    • What is DrayMaster?

      DrayMaster is the only neutral tariff management and digital delivery platform designed specifically for the drayage industry.
    • Who are DrayMaster’s customers?

      DrayMaster works on both sides of service delivery for the Drayage industry – with Carriers 3PLS, Freight Forwarders and Brokers, NVOCCs and VOCCs as the consumers of drayage services.
    • Why do I need DrayMaster?

      DrayMaster makes quoting accurate rates a breeze for Truckers, 3PLS, Freight Forwarders and Brokers while enabling electronic delivery to TMS and freight forwarding systems. You need DrayMaster to keep up with the pace of business and the ever ...
    • Does DrayMaster help with RFQ’s?

      Yes. DrayMaster facilitates batch rate queries through the BID TOOL for large tenders, bids and RFQs.
    • How do I make connections within DrayMaster?

      Very simple. You will need a NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS & PHONE NUMBER of the person/company you’re wanting to connect with and the DrayMaster Customer Success team handles the rest.